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The working principle of planetary reducer

When the sun gear rotates under the drive of a servo motor, the engagement with the planet gears causes the planet gears to rotate. At the same time, because the planet gears have another side to engage with the ring-shaped inner ring gear on the inner wall of the planetary reducer housing.

Finally, under the rotation driving force, the planetary gear will roll on the ring-shaped ring gear in the same direction as the rotation of the sun gear, forming a “revolution” motion around the sun gear.

  Generally, each planetary reducer will have multiple planetary gears, which will rotate around the central sun gear at the same time under the action of the input shaft and the sun’s rotational driving force, and  bear and transmit the output power of the planetary reducer jointly.

In the structure of the planetary gear set, there are multiple gears surrounding a sun gear along the ring gear of the planetary reducer housing, and when the planetary gear reducer is in operation, it rotates with the sun gear. Several gears around the periphery will also rotate around the central gear. Because the layout of the core transmission part is very similar to how the planets revolve around the sun in the solar system, the type of reducer is called a planetary reducer.

The sun gear is driven and rotated by the input end servo motor through the input shaft.

In normal operation, the orbit of the planetary gear revolving around the sun gear is an annular ring gear on the inner wall of the reducer housing.

Post time: Jul-06-2020